Our climate mission

For a sustainable energy future.

Through innovative spirit and technical progress
we are creating a sustainable future together.


Imagine a world in which all people are mindful of their environment and through innovation only consume as much energy as they need for their well-being. That‘s what vilisto stands for.


vilisto is committed to a sustainable future through responsible action. Through innovation and technical advances, we enable effortless energy savings considering all user needs.

Already 647 tons of CO2 saved!

This is equivalent to 81 circumnavigations of the earth with an average gasoline car.

Our contribution to climate protection.

Simply save energy and CO2

With our digital heat management & self-learning thermostats we save companies and municipalities up to 32% heating energy and CO2 emissions. Through continuous further developments, this factor will increase in the future.

We say: CO2 bye-bye!

At the moment 30% of the emissions in Germany are caused by the operation of buildings. Thereby, 70% of the final energy consumption is due to room heat. Paradox: Although rooms are not used up to 80% of the time, they are heated non-stop. This is where we come in.

An enormous savings potential for office buildings & public facilities

The potential for CO2 savings in the building sector through solutions like ours is huge. According to dena, there are an estimated 2.7 million heated non-residential buildings in Germany. In the office buildings and public and educational facilities sectors, the potential savings amount to about 5 million tons of CO2, and in Europe as a whole, as much as about 21 million tons of CO2 per year.

This is how we do business sustainably.

Selecting our suppliers

When selecting suppliers, we consider not only economic factors but also environmental and social aspects. Take transport routes, for example: Here we carefully weigh up whether we work with suppliers from Europe or overseas.

We attach great importance to a trusting relationship with our suppliers. It is important to us that this respectful relationship is also lived by our suppliers.

Transparency in the supply chain

Our product is an in-house development with patented technology – made in Germany. Our manufacturing service provider for the electronic components is based in the Hamburg area. The components we purchase are also largely sourced from Germany.

In order to be able to guarantee environmental friendliness and social compatibility along the entire value chain, we are continuously working to further optimize our transparency.

Our awards