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Frequently asked questions about our system

Unfortunately, we do not serve private customers. We focus exclusively on B2B and B2G customers in the non-residential building sector. In other words, we sell our product to public clients such as federal states, counties, cities and municipalities and to SMEs and corporate groups in a wide range of industries.

With the vilisto thermostats you can set your desired temperature as usual. When you turn them, LEDs light up that correspond to the heating levels 1-5 of a classic thermostat. It takes about two minutes for the thermostat to process and implement your setting.

If you have not used the room for a longer period of time, the thermostat automatically regulates the temperature down. This means you don’t need to turn down your heating yourself at the end of the day or at the weekend, for example.

The data recorded by the radiator thermostats are displayed in our online platform. This allows you to make settings on the system and radiators. For example, minimum and maximum temperatures can be limited. The following values are displayed in real time in the online platform, enabling efficient heat management: Temperature at the radiator | Setpoint temperature | Control temperature | Outdoor temperature | Motor position | Air humidity

vilisto processes data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation and for a specific purpose. Data is collected to determine heating times without drawing conclusions about the presence time of employees.

The installation is done by our service technicians. The installation is similar to the installation of a conventional thermostat and can be carried out without draining the heating water or interfering with the heating system. It is not necessary to switch off the heating during installation. The union nut is suitable for all common valves with a thread size of M30 x 1.5 mm. All other valve types can be served by various adapters.

To set the desired temperature, you can turn the vilisto thermostat as usual so that the LEDs light up. Each LED level corresponds to the numbers 1-5 of a classic thermostat.
Basically, the vilisto thermostat learns the usage patterns of the rooms and heats them completely automatically, so that theoretically there is no need for any manual setting on the thermostat.

With our self-learning radiator control, we save companies and public clients up to 32% in heating costs and CO2 emissions. This is done completely automatically and effortlessly, as the radiator thermostats have integrated and patented presence detection, consisting of motion, sound and light sensors. Through this technology, the occupancy of the room is automatically detected and learned, fully GDPR compliant. Additional devices such as room sensors are not required.
In addition, by incorporating local weather data, it is calculated how long the room needs to be heated up. This means that the rooms are preheated before use and automatically lowered when not in use. In other words, the customers and users do not have to make any settings on the system, as everything happens automatically. Furthermore, the users can set their desired temperature directly on the thermostat.
Compared to other energy-saving measures, our product is a low-investment measure with a short payback period. In addition, we achieve an immediate climate protection effect, as energy and thus CO2 emissions are reduced immediately after installation.

Our self-learning radiator thermostats reduce heating costs and CO2 emissions by up to 32% with a short payback period, compared to passive measures (e.g. hydraulic balancing, renewal of the boiler and building insulation). In addition, we digitise the heating and thus room utilisation as well as room climate. In this way, vilisto ensures transparency with regard to heating behaviour, radiators and the heating system.

With vilisto, further savings potential can be realised despite the existing night setback, as a night setback does not take individual user behaviour into account. In addition, both systems complement each other perfectly, as the vilisto radiator thermostats digitise the heating and consumption. In this way, it is possible to check whether the set night setback is actually taking effect.

We offer a free and non-binding savings analysis. In this analysis, we individually determine the energy savings potential based on historical consumption data of your building. In addition, we make forecasts regarding the expected payback period.

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