Working together for the climate

Hello, I am your new climate-protection-colleague!

From now on, I will heat your room individually according to your needs and thus reduce CO2 emissions as well as the building’s energy consumption without you having to do anything. Here you can find out exactly how I do it.

Learn about your new climate protection colleague – in just 2 minutes!

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How we work together – for your well-being and more climate protection

I heat individually

As a digital radiator thermostat, I have an integrated and patented 3-sensor technology. This allows me to recognise when and how individual rooms are used and heat them automatically and individually as required.

My focus is on your well-being

To reduce energy and CO2 emissions, I lower the temperature when I know that the room will not be used for a longer period of time – for example, after work or over the weekend. I then preheat the room in good time before it is used again, so that you always find your comfortable temperature.

Help me learn

To set your personal desired temperature, you can rotate me as usual. This helps me to recognise at which temperature you feel comfortable, so that I heat the room accordingly in the future and you have less effort.

How to adjust me

Unlike a conventional thermostat, you won’t find any marked numbers on me. Instead, my LEDs show you at which level I’m currently heating. They light up or flash as soon as you rotate me – one flashing LED represents the coldest level and five flashing LEDs the warmest. After you have made your setting, the LEDs turn off to save electricity.

You miss the familiar hissing sound?

Don’t be surprised if you don’t notice a change immediately after rotating me – I process the new setting digitally: this happens silently and takes only a short moment.

Well protected

Perhaps I’m wearing a kind of coat in your office, classroom or hallways. This protects me against mechanical impacts from the outside. It is often used in public buildings and educational institutions, where I come into contact with many people. My functionality is not restricted by this.

This is vilisto’s climate mission

Imagine a world in which everyone is mindful of their environment and, through innovation, only uses as much energy as they need for their well-being. This is what vilisto stands for.

vilisto is committed to a sustainable future through responsible action. Through innovation and technical progress, we enable effortless energy savings while taking into account all user needs.

We already saved 4.239 tons of CO2!

This is equivalent to 529 circumnavigations of the earth with an average petrol engine.

Do you have any further questions, comments or need support?

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