Save heating costs & reduce CO2 consumption

Together, we reduce your costs and consumption.

Together with vilisto and without additional effort, companies and public clients come a big step closer to their environmental goals.

Heat on demand.
Climate protection nonstop.

70% of the end energy consumption of public buildings, such as schools, kindergartens, offices and other non-residential buildings, is used for room heating. These rooms are not used at all up to 80% of the time. This is due to home offices, weekends, vacation and sick days, but also absences during the day and night. With our patented technology, we exploit these savings opportunities without any effort on your side or on the side of the users.

We solve the free-rider-problem.

When no one personally has to pay the heating costs, people often forget to turn down the thermostats. Especially in office buildings, public administration buildings and educational institutions, this problem occurs because the costs are not paid by the actual user.

Common measures to reduce heating costs, such as night setback, insulation or a more efficient heating system do not exploit this savings potential because they do not take user behavior into account.

With vilisto, you can improve your energy efficiency and CO2 balance immediately and without much effort.

Your journey with us.

1. Analysis of potential savings

How much can we reduce your carbon footprint? Our sales team will prepare savings analyses for your buildings based on your individual building and consumption data – free of charge and without obligation.

2. Full consultation

We provide you with a full consultation. Together with you, we look for the best solutions. In doing so, we always keep your economic targets in mind. We point out suitable funding programs and support you in the application process.

3. Exploitation of the savings potentials

After planning your project, our team takes care of the implementation. We set up an internet connection using LTE and replace the radiator thermostats. We set up your online platform and train users. The savings potential is exploited automatically – while maintaining the same level of comfort for the users.

4. Proof of success & Ongoing optimization

We maintain the devices remotely as well as at your location and advise you on optimization possibilities. At regular intervals, we prepare evaluations to make savings results visible.

5. Customer service & support

We do not leave you alone. If you have questions about your vilisto system, our customer service and support will help you quickly and competently.

The advantages of the complete vilisto system.

Digital, fully automated heat management.

Save up to 32% of your heat consumption. Our self learning thermostats automatically only use as much heating energy as is needed for the well being of the users. Our online platform enables efficient heat management remotely.

Low-investment translate to a short amortization period.

Compared to other energy-saving measures, the vilisto system amortizes within 1-5 years. The increasing CO2 price and funding programs further improve the amortization period.

Immediate climate protection effect.

Reduce the CO2 emissions of your building stock without any constructional measures and thus make an important contribution to communal and corporate climate protection. The vilisto system immediately saves heating energy and CO2 emissions.

What our customers say:

Our decarbonization strategy is based on the fact that we do not use on dispensing with unnecessary technology in our properties. With vilisto, we have the right complement to make our low-tech buildings smarter. Tenants gain comfort and, incidentally, heating energy is saved.


The heating thermostats from vilisto are very interesting for an institution like our museum. Saving energy is not only attractive from a financial point of view, but also sustainable and innovative.


Thanks to vilisto, we can efficiently control our heating in our coworking spaces 24/7. They always have an open ear for our special needs, find a solution together with us and implement it quickly and reliably.



For me, smart thermostats are the LED technology of the heating world – a quick win for the till and the climate!


Matching the heating supply as closely as possible to the actual demand is something we see as having great potential for saving energy and costs. We don’t want to bother our building users with frequently readjusting the radiator valves – that’s why the vilisto approach is ideal for us.


Together with the vilisto team, we have already converted several municipal properties in southern Hesse. We are pleased that we can contribute to climate protection in the municipalities with the use of the smart radiator thermostats.


We tested the product in our own office buildings and were thrilled with the easy installation and user-friendly dashboard. In the next step, we will use the smart thermostats in one of our savings projects in the public sector.


With vilisto, we were able to generate good savings with high cost-effectiveness. We are very satisfied with the cooperation and look forward to a sustainable business relationship with vilisto.

Last year, the self-learning radiator thermostats saved around 20 percent of heating energy in the town hall compared to previous years. In a next step, we will examine whether the technology can also be used to save energy in other buildings in the municipality, such as schools.


I am firmly convinced that companies in particular have a duty today to focus more strongly on sustainability in their day-to-day operations. Vilisto is an important building block for us to conserve valuable resources.

Simple installation, quick realization of potential savings in terms of both energy consumption and CO2 emissions – that’s what convinced us about the vilisto solution. And without any intervention, the rooms are preheated to a comfortable temperature in good time before my arrival and then turned down when I’m not there. That’s how I imagine professional support.

We can only praise the cooperation with vilisto. We have come to know the company as a competent and innovative partner. By using the self-learning radiator thermostats, we were able to optimize our heating costs after only a short time and thus also conserve resources. A real benefit for our company and the environment!


Climate protection is very close to our hearts and both personally and as a company we see it as our duty to commit ourselves to it. That’s why we are very happy about the cooperation with vilisto and that we will be able to save a lot of energy in the future.

For whom is our system suitable?

How energy efficient are your buildings?

Would you like to know how much energy and CO2 you can save? In a non-binding consultation, we determine the savings potential of your buildings.