On the way to climate neutrality.

Already low CO2 balance

The first step towards climate neutrality is the reduction of avoidable greenhouse gas emissions. Through the use of our thermostats in our premises, the use of green electricity, our business account with a sustainable bank, as well as production in the Hamburg area, we have already been able to achieve a low CO2 balance.

Together with ConClimate, we balanced our business activities and the associated emissions, using the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol. For 2019, we arrive at a total corporate carbon footprint of 19.6t/year.

CO2 compensation through climate protection project

To offset our Footprint, we support a compensation project in the area of forest protection in Portel/Brazil. The project protects 3,000 hectares of land annually from deforestation for soy cultivation or other agricultural operations.

For a future worth living on our planet

Sustainability has played a central role ever since we were founded. We base our activities in this area on the principle of continuous improvement and thus try to make not only our CO2 emissions but also our daily activities more and more sustainable.